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Story by Hans Christian Anderson
Thumbelina Scrim Curtain

Thumbelina is the story of a tiny girl born of a flower who gets lost in the forest forever and marries a fairy prince.

Inspired by the delicacy of a fairy's wings, I have told the story of Thumbelina through a stained glass window in an ancient castle owned by royals who are fascinated by the story.

I imagined the story to be a ballet with classical music and a narrator.


When guests visit this theater, they are transported to this castle where the busted stained glass windows become restored as the story is being told.

The illusion of the stained glass coming to life is done with arched cut drops made of scrim. Using projection mapping technology, these scrims are turned into this beautiful stained glass that teleports the characters into the constantly changing environments.

The Window of Thumbelina's Mother
Thumbelina Abandoned in the Swamp

Designed by Gage Pacetti for SCAD's PROD 221: Designing the Environment (Fall 2020)

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